When a person experiences chronic pain, it can lead them to self-medicate in various ways. Unfortunately, in very severe cases, some people turn to alcohol to numb their pain, even if just for a short time. While alcohol has properties that may provide temporary or momentary pain relief, alcohol is not a painkiller, and this can lead down a path of abuse. April is Alcohol Awareness Month – and a perfect time to discuss the risks of using alcohol to alleviate chronic pain.

The Impact of Alcohol on Chronic Pain and Health

Alcohol can lessen the sensation of pain because it depresses the central nervous system. Moreover, patients who take other painkillers, such as prescription medications or over-the-counter pills, may put themselves at even further risk because of potential drug interactions. Regularly taking acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) and drinking alcohol can lead to liver damage, and mixing alcohol with opioids can be fatal.
Another reason why alcohol and chronic pain don’t mix is that alcohol users can become dependent on alcohol which means they need to increase their intake in order to feel relief. This leads down a path of other health issues like cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, heart disease, and depression.

Comprehensive Pain Therapy

The good news is that there are safe ways to manage chronic pain that are more effective and can provide long-term results! At SuperiorMED Clinics, our team specializes in myriad treatment methods that help relieve pain and restore function and vitality to our patients.
We focus on the source of the pain, whether it is in the knee, neck, back, or another part of the body – rather than masking the symptoms with medication or other prescriptions.

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Our compassionate team is committed to helping you put an end to needless suffering. If you are enduring chronic or acute pain, we urge you to please abstain from abusing alcohol. This method is dangerous and unproven for lasting pain relief.

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