Living with chronic knee pain can be incredibly difficult. It can impact your mobility, your mood, and your overall enjoyment of life. Sometimes, it may seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. However, there are treatment options available that are non-invasive yet still extremely effective in terms of the pain management they provide. Before you consider surgery, consider the benefits of a comprehensive knee pain program first!

How do Knee Injections Work?

A lubricant is injected into the affected area which works with your body’s natural healing process to reduce the inflammation and pain in your knee. By utilizing regular knee injections as part of a comprehensive knee pain program, patients can begin to reclaim their independence and mobility and live their life in the most pain-free way possible! With SuperiorMED’s knee pain program, there’s no need for harmful medications or massive surgical procedures. Simply attend our clinic as an outpatient and you’ll be on your way home before you know it.

A Comprehensive Knee Pain Treatment Program

Our industry-leading treatment program is only available at SuperiorMED Clinics in Katy, Texas, and Peoria, Illinois. We focus on identifying the root cause of your pain and then alleviating it with our proven knee pain treatment program.

We are an innovative leader in treating chronic knee pain without surgery or medication. We have helped countless people just like you to gain freedom from the pain that’s holding them back. The comprehensive knee pain system, available only at SuperiorMED Clinics, helps patients to reduce pain and inflammation, increase joint space, and strengthen their joints. This is achieved via a combination of injection therapies and bracing – zero medication or surgery is required.

If you’re living with chronic knee pain and are looking for an effective means of treatment, contact us today for a free consultation!