Not all medical clinics or health care providers are the same. While you might expect a standard of treatment, that’s not always the case. At SuperiorMED Clinics, the patient experience and quality of care is one of the single most important values our team upholds at each interaction we have with you. So what exactly is the SuperiorMED difference?


The founders of SuperiorMED realized one very important thing when starting our clinic: that there are too many people suffering in pain unnecessarily. We want to help people get out of pain because we know how much that impacts their quality of life, their ability to do things, and to enjoy activities and interactions with their friends and family. Being in pain all the time is unfair. Our job is to help patients be guided through a journey of wellness that considers all aspects of the patient so they can lead a healthy, happy, pain-free life.


Pain management is a new area of medicine and the development of non-surgical treatments for knee pain, back pain, sciatica, neuropathy, and other common forms of chronic pain are emerging to be highly successful at keeping patients out of the operating room. Our comprehensive Knee Pain, Back Pain, and Neuropathy Systems are effective in reducing pain by harnessing the latest innovations in laser therapy, injection-based treatments, bracing, and other non-surgical pain treatments.


Whether you visit our medical team in Peoria or Katy, our patients experience the same SuperiorMED difference that sets us apart from other pain relief clinics you’ll find. We truly are dedicated to going above and beyond, and to constantly find new ways to improve ourselves so that our patients can lead improved, healthier, and happier lives.

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