SuperiorMED Clinics was founded with a focused mission: to provide innovative solutions for people suffering unnecessarily from chronic and acute pain. Underlining patient care and a non-surgical approach to pain management, we have helped thousands of patients get back to a life they love without venturing down the avenues of surgery or addictive pain medication.

Starting in Peoria, Illinois, then St. Louis, Missouri, it is with pride and joy that our group has expanded its practice to a third clinic in Katy, Texas! Supervised by Dr. Rinkle, a medical doctor, the team provides specialized care including spinal decompression, chronic knee pain, back pain, neck pain, treatments for neuropathy, and so much more.

One of the groundbreaking non-surgical treatments that the team in Katy will pioneer is the SuperiorMED Clinics innovative Knee Pain System. This multi-step protocol harnesses the power of the latest innovations in injection-based treatments, rehabilitation, and other techniques to provide long-lasting, effective relief from knee pain.

The team at SuperiorMED Clinics in Katy is experienced and unparalleled in their dedication to patient care. On behalf of the entire family at SuperiorMED Clinics, now in three cities in three states, we look forward to helping our communities, one patient at a time, to attain long-lasting results for their pain management care.

If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, contact us today!