Fact: Knee pain can make it difficult to stay active.

Fact: Knee pain can improve with proper movement and strengthening exercise!

Why does arthritis hurt the knees? That’s because pain and inflammation are the alarm signals in our bodies that something is wrong. Since the knees are the largest joints on our bodies and bear almost all of our weight, it can be especially challenging for people to perform activities when they are experiencing chronic knee pain.

At SuperiorMED Clinics, we offer some guidance on how our patients can stay mobile to stay healthy, by offering a few alternative cardiovascular-type exercises.

Get into the Pool

Swimming is a highly-efficient full-body workout that provides cardiovascular benefits without the damaging, hard impact of other exercises like running. By building strong quads, hamstrings, glutes, and other muscles in your legs, you can find more stability and eventually, reduced pain in the knee area.

Get Into Our Workshop!

Every 5-7 weeks, our team has decided to provide our communities with education on exercises they can do at home to help strengthen their knees, and help prevent further injury and pain. With our first Workshop beginning on Saturday, February 27, we encourage you to join us for a socially distanced knee workshop. Fill out our form or call the office at 309-682-9000 to reserve your spot today!

Need Options for Sore Knees?

When knee pain gets hard to ignore, it’s time to reach out to the team at SuperiorMED Clinics for help! Our medical professionals in Katy, Texas, and Peoria, Illinois, have dedicated years of time and research into developing the most effective and comprehensive treatment plans out there. We focus on bringing movement, stability, and strength back to your knee joints. Contact us to learn more about your options for knee pain today!