Did you know that there is a groundbreaking, noninvasive solution for knee pain that doesn’t involve the complications of surgery or addictive prescription pain medication? At SuperiorMED Clinics, we’re pioneering a new medical treatment that helps patients get relief from pain through a comprehensive, non-surgical, multi-step system. 

Benefit #1: It Can Delay or Prevent Surgery

You may be surprised to learn that nearly one-third of knee replacement surgeries for arthritis are unnecessary – an alarming trend that puts hundreds of thousands of Americans at risk. With surgery, patients are exposed to the potential of infection, pneumonia, especially for elderly patients and those with weakened immune systems. Many times, a replacement surgery doesn’t even address the root cause of the pain – leading to more pain in the future. And for what? Weeks, sometimes months, in recovery, unable to work, partake in activities with family, and

At SuperiorMED, our patients can explore non-surgical solutions that can effectively give them their lives back, without venturing down a surgical route for no reason.

Benefit #2: Little to No Downtime

Unlike surgery, patients of the Knee Pain System are back to their regular activities that very same day. To help strengthen and recover fully from knee pain, our patients undergo lifestyle consults with our physicians to make sure their treatment is coupled with a plan for long term success. 

Benefit #3 – Find Relief from All Types of Knee Pain

One of the things we’re most proud of is that the Knee Pain System works on several different types of knee pain! From acute pain caused by a recent injury, or osteoarthritis, or an old pain from the past, we have helped thousands of people get back to an active lifestyle through our comprehensive, multi-step treatment plan. 

Sometimes surgery is the answer, but it isn’t the only answer. To learn more about your options for knee pain relief in Peoria, Illinois, or Katy, Texas, contact the team at SuperiorMED Clinics today!