They’re not just for athletes – did you know that knee braces can help with knee pain?

In the United States, nearly one in four adults is impacted daily by chronic or acute knee pain. That rate has increased by more than 65% in the last two decades and is only expected to grow. Since the knee joint is the largest in the body and bears all of your weight with each step you take, it’s not a big surprise that there are so many causes and reasons that contribute to pain in this part of the body.

Most importantly, it’s critical to prevent further damage to the knee while it’s recovering, otherwise, the likelihood of more pain and added injury could be on the horizon. When it comes to treating knee pain, can a brace help?

How the Knee Works

With six different types of joints that give us movement and support our limbs, the knee is a “hinge” joint – meaning it gives the movement of the lower leg relative to the upper leg. When you use your knees in a way that can injure them, or cause an imbalance of the leg muscles, leg pain, inflammation, and other knee conditions can arise. The benefit of wearing a brace, in part of a multi-step treatment plan, can help keep the joint stable.

How Braces Work

A Knee brace can be a powerful component of a treatment plan, because it provides an important structural support factor that distributes your body weight evenly, allowing injured parts to get relief and rehabilitate. Braces are typically covered by most insurance plans and some different types include:

  • Knee sleeves: they slip over the knee (just like a sleeve) and supply compression to control pain, swelling, and inflammation.
  • Wrap-Around brace: similar to a sleeve, they use Velcro straps to provide more support. They are easy to put on and take off. 
  • Hinged knee braces: these are more common for patients who just underwent surgery, or the individual needs more structure to help maintain alignment during movement.
  • Patellar Tendon Strap: a simple strap that’s specially adapted to protect tendons.
  • An Unloader Knee Brace: just like its name implies, it helps move and redistribute weight off of the injured part of the knee joint.

Knee Bracing for Pain Relief

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