Carpal Tunnel Pain

Starting from the arm and running down towards the hand, the median nerve is a long nerve that makes its way to the hand through the carpal tunnel – a passageway in the wrist about one inch wide. Formed by small bones, the carpal tunnel protects the nerves and tendons that allow you to bend your fingers and thumbs.

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Causes of Carpal Tunnel Pain:

Famous amongst people with computer and desk jobs, carpal tunnel pain is an unpleasant form of wrist or arm pain caused by the ongoing pressure of the median nerve, which runs from the wrist through the palm of the hand. But that’s not the only cause. Others include:


A misalignment of tissues and bones in the wrists can swell up and put pressure on the median nerve. This might be the result of an injury or another underlying condition.


Caused by issues of the metabolism, hormonal imbalances, and issues in the pituitary or thyroid gland can contribute to a person getting carpal tunnel pain out of nowhere.


When pain is experienced in both wrists, it is referred to as carpal tunnel syndrome. While it can be difficult to observe the underlying cause, it typically is the result of nerves being irritated by an issue in the spine.

Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel:

If the median nerve is compressed for long periods of time, it can develop into carpal tunnel syndrome, an uncomfortable condition where the arms and wrist experience pain, tingling, numbness, weakness, and loss of mobility in the hands.
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