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It’s a common story that we see all too often. When you have back pain, life can stop in its tracks. Depending on the severity of back pain and the location affected, back pain can cause you to miss work, commitments with your friends, and spend less time with your family. In short, back pain causes you to lose out on your life.

From back pain caused by accidents, to conditions of the spine, we have developed an innovative, non-surgical pain system that helps our patients get back to health and focus on an active lifestyle.

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Causes of Back Pain

While sciatica is one of the most common causes that we treat, SuperiorMED Clinics is an expert in identifying the causes of back pain so that we may recommend an effective treatment plan. From injury to disease to poor lifestyle choices, back pain can happen to anyone at any given point in their lifetime. In fact, the total cost of back pain in the United States is estimated to be in excess of $60 billion annually.

Poor posture, decreases in physical activity, increases in work demands are among the typical causes of chronic back pain. Old injuries and a failure to rehabilitate the damaged tissues after an incident can also contribute to this problem.



Muscle spasms, leg numbness, and pain in the muscles and bones of the lower back, legs or hips.


Compressing the nerves of the spine can happen when exercising, lifting too much weight, or poor posture can create back pain also coupled with numbness and weakness.


When we age, vertebrae in our spine can become compressed and the discs between them get thinner. This can cause the bones to pinch and put pressure on the surrounding nerves, or move out of their normal position, causing pain and discomfort.


Cramping and pain in the legs after long periods of walking and standing can be symptoms of spinal stenosis.


More than half of our patients are those who failed with other treatments, even back surgery. Our approach is comprehensive and specially tailored to relieve your pain without surgery or prescription medication.
Fortunately, chronic neck pain, as well as acute neck pain caused from injury, can be effectively treated without the need for addictive pain medications or surgery. Contact us to learn more.
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At SuperiorMED Clinics, we offer comprehensive, non-surgical treatments that promote the body’s natural healing process in dealing with back pain. Our patients can expect relief from pain without surgery or addictive medication, allowing them to get back to the activities they love. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.
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